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Main activities:


  • Blasting & welding machines: Apron Type Autoblast Machine, Paints praying machine, Welding machines, and Plasma Cutting machine...
  • Tools & Powertools: Hand Tools, Pneumatic & Electric Powered Tools & Hardware...
  • Welding & Cutting Consumables: Welding Electrodes & Cable, High Quality Grinding/Cutting wheels, Mounted Points, Abrasive Coated Papers, Cup/Wheel Brushes, Tungsten Bur...Cutting/Welding Torches, Tip & Regulator
  • Measuring Instruments & Tools: Coating Inspection instruments, Thermometer, Material Thickness Gauge, Welding Inspection gauges, Precision tools, Electrical Tester/Meters...

        Most products are imported directly from manufacturers or exclusive regional agents with highest quality, International Standards, the most competitive prices, the best & the most reliable services. Certificates available upon request. Good are ex-stock, ensured delivery immediately after receipt of orders.

We are an Authorized Distributor/ Agent for:

  • Pan Blast :  Blasting machines & accessories 
  • Elcometer (UK): Coating Thickness Inspection Gauges.
  • Flexovit (Australia): High Quality & Safe Grinding /Cutting wheels
  • Tempil (USA): Temperature Indicators & Monitoring Tools
  • Gal- Gauge (USA): Welding Inspection gauges
  • MaKo: Welding Consumables - Electrode Holders, Ground Clamp, Cable,Connectors, Welding Cable, Chipping Hammers, Cutting Torches, and Heating Torches
  • Tanaka (JAPAN): Cutting Torches, Oxygen/Acetylene Regulator...
  • Weldcraft (USA): TIG Torches and spares
  • Kobe – Welding: Welding electrodes
  • FSH ( France) - Stainless Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex Welding electrode
  • SP (JAPAN): Pneumatic Tools: Grinders, Torque wrench, Drill…
  • Blue Metal (Malaysia): Mild Steel Welding Electrodes
  • Harsco - Scaffolding equipment
  • SQ Brand (India) - Scaffolding Couplers
  • Blue Power: Pneumatic Grinders, Needle Scaler, Torque Wrenches
  • RS : Electrical equipment and spares


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