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Established on 17/12/2011, for over 10 years in business, Song Quang Company Ltd, has incessantly gained customer's trust for its products : Hand Tools & Power tools, Cutting & Grinding Discs, measuring instruments, welding machines & accessories, high quality welding electrodes, blasting & painting equipment, scaffoldings couplers and equipment, safety products.... These products have been imported directly from major prestigious manufacturers or indirectly through their franchised agents in Vietnam. They offer international quality standard, price competitiveness, and timely meet higher customer demand, concurring essentially to publicize the company’s name.

Song Quang Co. Ltd now is widely known as a Reliable and Trust company in the market with its customer network through out the country. Most contractors and end-users in oil and gas industry in Vietnam has awarded SONG QUANG as her main supplier for cutting/grinding discs, welding consumables & accessories , scaffolding equipment , blasting & painting accessories, instruments for coating inspection and welding qualifications...

Song Quang Co., Ltd now is acting as a local dealer /franchised distributors for many brands and  major firms named as Elcometer (UK) measuring instrument for painting inspection, Tempil (USA) temperature indicator, GRACO (USA) spraying machine & accessories, PAN BLAST blasting machine and accessories, FLEXOVIT (Australia) cutting/grinding discs, TANAKA (Japan) cutting torch & regulators, MAKO welding cable connector,electrode holders & ground clamp, SPECIAL METAL (USA) FSH ( France), Metrode (UK), KOBELCO (Japan); BLUE METAL (Malaysia) all kind of welding electrodes, R.S (British Group) all kind of electrical equipment & devices...

Though more and more new companies are established with the same range of products in the market ,staffs and management of SONG QUANG Co., Ltd always are active and innovative to overcome difficulties and develop. One of its strength is to ofter “quality products, fully satisfying customer needs “. List of customers come to Song Quang Co. Ltd more and more.

In spite the global crises affected many companies, the company has maintained it strength and development for recent years. Turnover in 2011 is recorded 30% increased compared with 2010 at VND 46 billion ( US$2,3 million) and forecasted 20% increasing in this 2012.

At the present state of development, Song Quang Company has reaped a lot of success in supplying industrial  equipment to local and foreign business counterparts. Nevertheless,to assure highly incremental revenue and profit in the coming years, the Company has set forth development strategies to boost safety, price competitivness, origin certification, quality accreditation in parallel to brand development to new heights. Noteworthily Song Quang is a direct imported. Therefore its products are highly price competitive, supplies are abundant, delivery in time – adjusted to demand. Building company brand through product quality and service, Song Quang increasingly believes in “Growing and strengthening with customer patronage”.

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